University of Missouri School of Medicine MU Health School of Medicine
Quinn Johnson

Anesthesiology and
Perioperative Medicine

Quinn Johnson, MD, MBA
Chair of Anesthesiology
Tel: (573) 882-2568

Gerald Hazelbauer


Gerald Hazelbauer, PhD
Chair and Curators' Professor of Biochemistry
Tel: (573) 882-4845

Timothy Fete

Child Health

Timothy Fete, MD
Chair and Children's Miracle Network Professor in Pediatrics
Medical Director of MU Children's Hospital
Tel: (573) 882-6882

Karen Edison


Karen Edison, MD
Chair and Philip C. Anderson Professor in Dermatology
Tel: (573) 884-3180

Matthew Robinson, MD

Emergency Medicine

Matthew Robinson, MD
Interim Chair of Emergency Medicine
Tel: (573) 884-3509

Steven Zweig

Family and Community Medicine

Steven Zweig, MD
Chair and Paul Revare Family Endowed Professor in
Family Medicine
Tel: (573) 882-1758

Eduardo Simoes

Health Management and Informatics

Eduardo Simoes, MD
Chair of Health Management and Informatics
Health Management and Informatics Alumni Distinguished Professor
Tel: (573) 882-6179

Ronald Korthuis

Medical Pharmacology and

Ronald Korthuis, PhD
George L. and Melna A. Bolm Distinguished Chair in Cardiovascular Health
Tel: (573) 882-8059

Edward T.H. Yeh, MD


Edward T.H. Yeh, MD
Chair of Medicine
Tel: (573) 884-2013

Mark McIntosh

Molecular Microbiology and

Mark McIntosh, PhD
Chair of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Strategic Initiatives
Tel: (573) 882-8989

Pradeep Sahota


Pradeep Sahota, MD
Chair of Neurology
Tel: (573) 882-3135

Christopher Hardin

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

Christopher Hardin, PhD
Chair of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Tel: (573) 882-4288

Hung Winn

Obstetrics, Gynecology and
Women's Health

Hung Winn, MD
Professor and William T. Griffin, MD and Roberta Ann Griffin Distinguished Chair in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Tel: (573) 817-3306

Frederick (Rick) Fraunfelder, MD


Frederick (Rick) Fraunfelder, MD
Chair and Roy E. Mason Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology
Tel: (573) 882-1029

James Stannard

Orthopaedic Surgery

James Stannard, MD
Chair and J. Vernon Luck Sr. Distinguished Professor in
Orthopaedic Surgery
Medical Director of the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute
Tel: (573) 882-7189

Robert Zitsch

Otolaryngology - Head and Neck

Robert Zitsch, MD
Chair and William E. Davis, MD, Distinguished Professor in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Tel: (573) 882-6737

Lester Layfield

Pathology and Anatomical Sciences

Lester Layfield, MD
Chair of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences
Tel: (573) 882-8915

Gregory Worsowicz

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Gregory Worsowicz, MD
HealthSouth Chair in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Medical Director of the Howard A. Rusk Rehabilitation Center
Tel: (573) 884-7418

John Lauriello


John Lauriello, MD
Chancellor's Chair of Excellence in Psychiatry
Medical Director of the Missouri Psychiatric Center
Tel: (573) 882-8913

Talissa Altes, MD


Talissa Ann Altes, MD
Chair and Gwilym S. and Maria Antonia Lodwick Distinguished Professor in Radiology
Tel: (573) 882-1026

Staveley O'Carroll


Kevin Staveley-O’Carroll, MD, PhD 
Hugh E. Stephenson Jr., MD, Department of Surgery
Director of MU’s Ellis Fischel Cancer Center
Tel: (573) 884-0328

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