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Why should I see a family doctor?

MU Family Medicine Clinics

Our mission is to provide patient-centered care to individuals and families. MU Family Medicine manages seven clinics in mid-Missouri.
Three clinics are located in Columbia:

Four clinics are located in rural mid-Missouri communities:

Our physicians provide care for indigent and medically underserved families in the Columbia area:

MU Family Medicine Patient Resources

Senior Assessment/Geriatric Evaluation

The Senior Assessment Geriatric Evaluation (SAGE) Clinic provides a comprehensive assessment for older adults with medical, nursing, nutritional, and psychosocial needs. Karli Urban, MD, directs the SAGE Clinic.

Services for Seniors: 2015-2016 Boone County Directory

MU Supportive and Palliative Care Program

MU Family Medicine physicians team with nurses, a chaplain, and a clinical social worker to offer supportive and palliative care services to patients and families. Our palliative care team helps patients/families address needs such as symptom management, determination of healthcare goals, clear communication, and support near end of life. Kevin Craig, MD, MSPH, serves as medical director of the program.

Understanding the Specialty of Family Medicine

Meet Our Family Medicine Health Care Team

Your Future is Family Medicine
Learn more about the role of family physicians, family medicine’s basket of services, and the family medicine model of practice in this flyer created by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Patient-Centered Medical Home
Across the country, a more effective and efficient way of delivering health care is transforming the practice of family medicine; it’s called the Patient-Centered Medical Home. Watch this video, produced by the American Academy of Family Physicians, to understand this concept and how it’s improving patient care, patient satisfaction, and physician professional satisfaction.

Online Health Information for Patients

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