Vladislav Glinskii

Associate Professor

Pathology and Anatomical Sciences




  • MD, State Medical Institute, Chernovtsy, Ukraine

Additional Study

  • Residency, R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Oncology Problems, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
  • Fellowship, Biochemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia

Academic Appointments

  • Post-doctoral fellow, University of Missouri
  • Research Scientist, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
  • Research Scientist, Harry S Truman Veterans Administration Medical Center

Research Description

Molecular mechanisms of cancer metastasis. Metastatic cancer cell interactions with microvascular endothelium. Biochemistry of cancer cell recognition and adhesion. Microvascular pathophysiology of hematogenous cancer metastiasis. Antimetastatic drug design and testing. Molecular mechanisms of regulation and execution of apoptosis (programmed cell death) in metastatic cancer cells. Telomeredependent control of apoptosis. Structural-functional characterization of humon telomerase ribonucleoprotein complex.


  • Cancer biology
  • Mechanisms of metastasis
  • Cell-cell adhesion in cancer metastasis

Representative Publications

  1. Li, F., Glinskii, O.V., Glinsky, V.V. Glycobioinformatics: Glycobioinformatics: Current strategies and tools for data mining in MS-based glycoproteomics. Proteomics, 13: 341-354, 2013.
  2. Glinskii, O.V., Sud, S., Mossine, V.V., Mawhinney, T.P., Anthony, D.C., Glinsky, G.V., Pienta, K.J., Glinsky, V.V. Inhibition of Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis by Synthetic TF Antigen Mimic/Galectin-3 Inhibitor Lactulose-L-Leucine. Neoplasia, 14: 65-73 2012.
  3. Li, F., Glinskii, O.V., Zhou, J., Wilson, L.S., Barnes, S., Anthony, D.C., Glinsky, V.V., Identification and Analysis of Signaling Networks Potentially Involved in Breast Carcinoma Metastasis to the Brain. PLoS ONE. 6(7): e21977. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0021977, 2011.
  4. Glinsky, V.V., Kiriakova, G., Glinskii, O.V., Mossine, V.V., Mawhinney, T.P. Turk, J.R., Glinskii, A.B., Huxley, V.H., Price, J.E., Glinsky, G.V. Synthetic Galectin-3 Inhibitor Increases Metastatic Cancer Cell Sensitivity to Taxol-Induced Apoptosis In Vitro and In Vivo. Neoplasia, 11: 901-909, 2009.
  5. Johnson, K.D., Glinskii, O.V., Mossine, V.V., Turk, J.R., Mawhinney, T.P., Anthony, D.C., Henry, C.J., Huxley, V.H., Glinsky, G.V., Pienta, K.J., Raz, A., and Glinsky, V.V. Galectin-3 as a Potential Therapeutic Target in Tumors Arising from Malignant Endothelium. Neoplasia, 9: 662-670, 2007.
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  8. Glinskii, O.V., Turk, J.R., Pienta, K.J., Huxley, V.H., and Glinsky, V.V. Evidence of Porcine and Human Endothelium Activation by Cancer-Associated Carbohydrates Expressed on Glycoproteins and Tumor Cells. J. Physiol. ( London), 554:89-99, 2004.
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