Research Assistant Professor

Pathology and Anatomical Sciences




  • MS, Physics, Institute of Physics and Technology
  • PhD, Chemistry, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Research Description

Current projects include study of hemoglobin post-translational modifications (LC-MS and electrophoretic approaches) and C-peptide detection in serum and other biological fluids method development.


  • Glycated hemoglobin measurements (electophoretic & chromatographic separations; spectroscopy)
  • Different glycated hemoglobin forms and their biological importance
  • 2D electrophoresis and LC-mass spectrometry for profiling complex biological fluids and protein posttranslational modifications analysis

Representative Publications

  1. Stoyanov AV Protein fractionation according to molecular size in constant pH media with immobilized charges in co-linear porosity gradient. Analyt Biochem. 386(1) 116-118, 2009
  2. Stoyanov AV Electrolysis in Mono- and Hetero-Phase Low Conductive Systems and a secondary pH gradient establishment. In: Electrolysis: Theory, Types and Applications, S. Kuai and J. Meng Eds., Nova Science Publishers Inc., Hauppauge NY, 2010
  3. Hempe JM, Marino AM, Stoyanov AV Method of analysis of thiols and their reaction products in biological matrices J. Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. 877(28):3462-3466, 2009
  4. Stoyanov AV, Fan ZH. Das C, Mohammed SI, Ahmadzadeh H. protein labeling with flourescent tags and further fractionation by isoelectric focusing Analt Biochem 350(2), 263-267, 2006