Laboratory Services

Hematopathology Service

The Division of Hematopathology was reorganized under the guidance of Richard Hammer, MD, in 2013. Trained by Robert Collins, MD, a founding father of hematopathology, Dr. Hammer is a board-certified hematopathologist and provides expert diagnostic and consultative services. Evaluation of cases typically includes morphology, immunohistochemistry, cytogenetic and molecular testing. A comprehensive menu of testing is available to assist in the most accurate and appropriate classification of a hematopoietic and lymphoid neoplasia and disorders. Weekly conferences are held with clinical hematology-oncology to coordinate care and appropriate therapy. Dr. Hammer is joined by Dr. Katia Laziuk, also a board-certified hematopathologist.

Clinical Flow Cytometry Lab

The Clinical Flow Cytometry laboratory reopened in February 2014 under new leadership and technical expertise with state-of-the-art technology. A FACSCanto II 8-color/3 Laser flow cytometer with the latest analysis software, the only one of its kind in central Missouri, was put into clinical practice. An electronic reporting system was developed with expert diagnostic panels for leukemia and lymphoma. Time to diagnosis is now measured in hours, allowing rapid initial clinical decision-making and support and initiation of appropriate therapy. University of Missouri Health Care now provides the highest level of diagnostic flow cytometry practices and standards available in Columbia and mid-Missouri.

Hematology and Coagulation Medicine

The clinical hematology laboratory is busy, using new Sysmex instrumentation installed in 2014. This instrument provides the latest in automated hematology analysis and is capable of handling body fluids as well. Coagulation tests are run on Stago instruments. University of Missouri is also the only institution in Columbia to provide thromboelastography (TEG) and is very active in managing trauma patients. Research involving platelets, TEG and fibrinogen are ongoing in this department. Attending staff from hematology and transfusion medicine provide resident training in coagulation.

Molecular Diagnostics

The molecular diagnostic lab provides RT-PCR, FISH and various techniques to diagnose multiple disorders, including infectious, coagulation and neoplastic processes. The lab uses various instrumentation including Roche, Cepheid, ABI and GenMark. Testing not available in-house is referred to our reference lab. The molecular lab is expanding to fill testing required for personalized medicine.