Patient Inquiries

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a laboratory test?

There are approximately 3,000 laboratory tests. Your physician is the best person to identify which of these tests would be the most appropriate for your individual needs.

If my Physician orders a laboratory test how does it get done?

The laboratory service at UMHC is organized to meet the need of the University Physicians. Personnel service laboratories are located in the various clinics where you will see your physician. These convenient locations will collect your specimen and provide the proper specimen handling so the specimen arrives at the testing site ready for testing.

How long will it take for my test to be performed?

Many routine tests can be performed with in minutes after they arrive at the testing laboratory. However, some esoteric test may take weeks or months to be performed.

How do I get my results?

The laboratory will make your results available to your physician. Your physician is the best person to interpret the meaning of the results and to apply the information to your treatment and care.

Questions regarding laboratory services can be answered by calling 573-882-1400.