Dr. Casey Holliday Wins American Association of Anatomists Morphological Sciences Award

news-HollidayCasey Holliday, Ph.D., of the University of Missouri, School of Medicine, will be honored for his important contributions to biomedical science through research in the morphological sciences. He will present a lecture, “Exploring Cranial Functional Morphology and Evolution through the Jaws of Alligators,” at EB.

Dr. Holliday’s lab focuses on the functional morphology and evolution of the vertebrate head and the lab’s primary goal is to understand the structural, biomechanical, and evolutionary patterns of the feeding apparatus in reptiles. His talk presents a series of recent projects investigating the alligator and crocodyliform feeding apparatus with a focus on cranial articulations incorporating multiple lines of evidence combining anatomical techniques, imaging, mechanical testing, computational modeling and the fossil record.