Giving to the Department

Teaching the physicians and scientists of tomorrow; providing the highest quality care to patients; making breakthroughs in research: these are the hallmarks of the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

Created as the first public medical school west of the Mississippi River, the School of Medicine is now continuing its tradition of excellence with the support of generous patients, alumni, and faculty . Support is provided in the form of endowments for faculty members and research programs, new facilities for research and scholarships for students.

For All We Call Mizzou will advance the school’s traditionally strong research programs for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and ailments that primarily affect children and the elderly.

MU provides the area’s largest and most comprehensive pediatric health-care facility, which provides care in more than 30 specialties just for children. And the school’s top-ranked programs in primary care and education serve the growing aging population by improving care in hospitals and nursing homes and discovering new treatments for chronic diseases.

Improving research at the School of Medicine will provide an exceptional learning environment for future physicians and scientists. Scholarships would ensure that the brightest students have access to this environment as well as MU’s internationally respected medical education programs.

Attracting the brightest students is particularly important because more of Missouri’s physicians received their medical degree from MU than from any other university.

Donations can be arranged through the Office of Development of the School of Medicine: Yvonne Dowdy Miller, CFRE, Executive Director of Advancement, or through the Office of the Chair.

Yvonne Dowdy Miller, CFRE
Executive Director of Advancement
phone: 573-882-6100

Office of the Chair
Phone: 573-882-8915